Bringing GPs to you virtually


SEQURE’s VirtualGP model is a game-changer that benefits everyone involved – medical practices, GPs, and patients. With a nationwide GP shortage, our innovative telehealth solution connects you with local, registered GPs in New Zealand, ensuring access to quality healthcare.

As our population grows and ages, the number of patients seeking primary healthcare is increasing. Unfortunately, our local GP numbers are declining, leaving patients in need and medical practices struggling. But VirtualGP bridges this gap.

Unlike other telehealth providers, VirtualGP doesn’t just focus on the patient. We prioritise bringing patients back into your medical practice, allowing you to charge conventionally and record appointments as if the GP were physically present in your consultation room. This not only improves the patient experience but also ensures accurate PHO reporting for Capitation funding.

Setting up VirtualGP is quick and hassle-free. You can start booking patients as early as next week, offering you the convenience of 1. Virtual GP service and 2. efficient Inbox Clearing. By partnering with SEQURE, you not only strengthen your practice’s relevance in the community but also significantly increase appointment availability and income.

At VirtualGP, we understand the importance of preventing illnesses from becoming more serious. By utilising our trusted telehealth service, you are proactively reducing patients’ health risks. Join the many medical practices in New Zealand that rely on VirtualGP to stay relevant while recruiting both permanent and locum GPs.

Service Benefits

Dramatic Results

Allows GP practices to rapidly increase GP appointment availability. You are able to book GPs to provide a service within 1-2 weeks of engaging SEQURE VirtualGP while also bringing patients back into the practice.

Eliminate additional FTE’s

We run 7 days per week without you having to recruit hard-to-find staff. There is flexibility to run every week or at a staggered pace.

Access to GPs

By partnering with us, you can tap into our network of about 6,000 available New Zealand registered GPs and benefit from our access to the expertise of experienced professionals.

Switch On or Off 

The capability to sustain either a catch-up or keep-up pace, allows you to utilise the service as per your requirements, be it for clearing backlogs or maintaining concise waiting lists.

Significant Cost Saving 

Partnering with SEQURE will result in substantial cost savings as we allow the practice to choose the rate patients will pay compared to alternative options such as Practice Plus. GP practices are able to allocate their resources more effectively, saving costs on infrastructure, equipment, staffing and operational expenses. By choosing SEQURE, GP practices will be able to optimise their budgets and allocate resources to higher-priority areas.

Long-Term Sustainability 

Our ability to provide VirtualGP services or an extended period ensures long-term sustainability for GP practices. With out expertise and commitment to ongoing collaboration, practices can continue to offer high-quality care to patients without compromising their financial stability.

Dependable and Efficient 

With SEQURE Health, you can rely on a dependable service that minimises the need for patient re-booking and reduces the risk of session cancellations. This ensures continuity of care and enhances the overall patient experience.

We understand the complexities involved in staffing and logistics. Therefore, we take charge of the entire process, from identifying and contracting the GPs to handling the coordination, payment, scheduling and booking of their travel and accommodation. This allows GP practices to focus on their core mission of patient care.

Increased Treatment Capacity 

By working with SEQURE, GP practices can achieve a substantial boost in their treatment capacity. On average, we can deliver at least 30% more treatments in a day compared to practices operating independently. This Significant increase enables practices to serve a larger patient population efficiently.

Low Risk Profile 

Our VirtualGP services have a low-risk profile in terms of the quantity of patients not being treated. We are committed to ensuring that as many patients as possible receive the necessary healthcare, minimising the number of individuals left untreated.

Excellent Patient Outcomes 

Patient safety is our top priority. With a track record of treating over 25,000 patients, our adverse outcome rate is almost zero. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional patient outcomes and providing peace of mind to both GP practices and patients.

Focus on Priorities 

With our low administrative overhead, you can redirect your resources and focus on other important healthcare responsibilities. VirtualGP processes minimise the burden of administrative tasks, allowing you to prioritise patient care.

Service Features

Catch up Quickly

VirtualGP enables GP practices to double their weekly outcomes, delivering results up to 50% faster than their current plan. This accelerated catch-up allows practices to efficiently address the backlog of patients in need of GP appointments.

Tailored Approach

Our service is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your practice. We understand that each practice has unique needs so we work closely with you to ensure that our service aligns perfectly with your goals and processes.

Seamless Management

We take care of the coordination and management of a network of registered GPs. Our team ensures that all aspects of the service, from scheduling to logistics, are handled effortlessly.

Optimal Utilisation

We make the most of your existing resources, consultation rooms, equipment, and consumables during your off-peak times, typically weekends.

Effortless Reporting 

All results and patient data are logged directly into your existing systems, enabling instant, real-time reporting. This not only saves time but also ensures accurate and up-to-date records for efficient patient management.


VirtualGP offers significant cost savings compared to other alternatives such as Ministry of Health (MoH) funding or outsourcing. By partnering with us, GP practices can benefit from a fraction of the usual costs associated with running their own programs or outsourcing to external providers.

Reliable and Low Risk

We understand the importance of reliability in healthcare delivery. With SEQURE Health, you can count on us to ensure full staffing and high-quality service delivery every time. Risks are constantly reviewed and managed to minimise any potential disruptions or complications.

VirtualGP Services

Virtual GP

Providing you with Virtual GP sessions where you bring your patient into your consultation room for their appointment with our GP. Our GP joins your Video Conference in your room, logs into your Patient Management System (PMS), and sees each patient as they come in.

Inbox Clearing

Providing you with GP Inbox Clearing sessions where our GP logs into your Patient Management System (PMS), and reviews all of the Inbox emails for your GPs and appropriately processes them according to your protocol. This includes escalating and calling patients if necessary and organising urgent hospital referrals.


Flexible booking – ability to have a single session (4 hours), multiple session and regular sessions with the same doctor.

Minimums – 14 patients per 4 hour session.

Weekday/Weekends – both are available.



Want to come work for us?

We are interested in New Zealand registered GP’s.

Pay rate

Up to 80% more than a standard employee rates.


When you work for SEQURE all GPs gain the benefits of:

  • Work from home
  • Attractive rate
  • Assist Rural practice
    • Practice Assistant/Nurse lead Video Conference service;
    • Home-based Video conference/Telephone service;
    • Inbox clearing (no patient)

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