Take control

Controlling your hospital’s responsibilities faces varied challenges.

  • Lack of time in your normal working day and week
  • Lack of available Specialists, Anaesthetists and support staff
  • Lack of expensive asset availability (eg theatre, equipment)

SEQURE can put you back in control.


Beat challenging financial position

Out of control annual costs for consultations and procedures can put unnecessary stress on staff and resources.

By regular utilisation of SEQURE, your cost per consultation / procedure can be guaranteed to be significantly lower than funding.  Leaving you with savings which allow you to spend more on day to day work.


Utilise free theatre / clinic time

Your current utilisation is between 07:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs, Monday to Friday.

SEQURE resources staff to allow you to operate after these hours and weekends.


Increase surgery / clinic volume

Volumes of clinical visits and surgeries are continuing to increase, while hospital facilities are fixed.

SEQURE resources staff to allow you to see more patients in a week.


Manage IDFs and Private outsourcing

IDFs and outsourcing to Private practitioners and hospitals are expensive and relinquishes control.

With SEQURE you meet your increased volumes using your own high-cost assets (like theatre time).