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We are helping New Zealand public hospitals (Te Whatu Ora) see and treat more patients now! Creating more time for them while they build and implement their plans for the future.

Virtual Medical Solutions

New Zealand has the opportunity now to use its Health recovery to become stronger and more efficient in delivering Medical Services.


We provide public hospitals with abilities to mitigate their waiting lists in ways they never would have thought imaginable. Let us bring private to you.


COVID-19 Recovery Opportunities

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COVID caused many DHB’s to put a halt on all elective clinics and surgeries which has caused a significant backlog on waiting lists, putting a strain on a lack of existing hospital resources. SEQURE is a private health provider which is designed specifically to mitigate waiting lists that DHB’s are unable to acheive alone.

We cannot do the same things we have done before COVID-19 and expect to have an even more efficient health system.

SEQURE Health have already implemented innovative changes with New Zealand DHBs over the last four years growing a proven track record in clinics, virtual, out-of-hours and bespoke medical services to New Zealand hospitals.


SEQURE came out of Mercury Medical Recruitment’s ongoing search for innovative ways to achieve greater efficiency in healthcare.

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