GA Dental Service

Your Partner for GA (General Anaesthetic) Dental Services


SEQURE Health’s GA (General Anaesthetic) Dental Service is a catch-up and keep-up in-sourcing service.

At SEQURE, we understand the unique challenges faced by public hospitals in providing comprehensive GA Dental services.  Like the increase of patient numbers due to growing and aging population; availability of theatre time; dentists; anaesthetists; nurses; and techs.

SEQURE solves each of these problems so that the hospital only needs to focus on the outcomes.  Our specialised dental care solution supports public hospitals in their exclusive role as providers of GA dental services.

By partnering with us, hospitals can bridge the gap and enhance access to quality dental care for patients in need of GA Dental procedures.

Service Benefits

Dramatic Results

You’ll see a dramatic decrease in pressure on your midweek dental services within a 3-4 week period of taking us on. SEQURE GA Dental Service can often double your normal weekly output with little effort. Our streamlined processes, efficient operations, and utilization of off-peak times allow us to rapidly address patient needs promptly while clearing waiting lists, and improving accessibility. We are able to keep up with future patient demands, with our tailored approach and efficient resource allocation.

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Eliminate additional FTE’s

We run 7 days per week without you having to recruit hard-to-find staff.  There is flexibility to run every week or at a staggered pace.

Access to Expert Staff

We have access to a pool of hard-to-find dental professionals with specialised skills. By partnering with us, you can tap into this network and benefit from the expertise of experienced Dentists, Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Nurses, and Technicians.

Significant Cost Savings

Compared to run GA dental services in-house, partnering with SEQURE Dental often leads to substantial cost savings. Public hospitals can allocate their resources more effectively, saving money on infrastructure, equipment, staffing, and operational expenses.  Our GA Dental Service offers compelling cost savings compared to alternative funding sources such as Ministry of Health (MoH) funding or outsourcing. By choosing SEQURE Health, hospitals can optimise their budgets and allocate resources to other areas of healthcare delivery.

Long-Term Sustainability

Our ability to provide GA Dental services for an extended period ensures long-term sustainability for public hospitals. With our expertise and commitment to ongoing collaboration, hospitals can continue to offer high-quality dental care to patients without compromising their financial stability.

Dependable and Efficient

With SEQURE Health, you can rely on a dependable service that minimises the need for patient re-booking and reduces the risk of session cancellations. This ensures continuity of care and enhances the overall patient experience.

Increased Treatment Capacity

By working with SEQURE Dental, public hospitals can achieve a substantial boost in their treatment capacity. On average, we can deliver at least 30% more treatments in a day compared to hospitals operating independently. This significant increase enables hospitals to serve a larger patient population efficiently.

Low Risk Profile

Our GA Dental services have a low risk profile in terms of the quantity of patients not being treated. We are committed to ensuring that as many patients as possible receive the necessary dental care, minimizing the number of individuals left untreated.

Excellent Patient Outcomes

Patient safety is our top priority. With a track record of treating over 25,000 patients, our adverse outcome rate is almost zero. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional patient outcomes and providing peace of mind to both hospitals and patients.

Focus on Priorities

With our low administrative overhead, you can redirect your resources and focus on other important healthcare responsibilities. Our streamlined processes minimise the burden of administrative tasks, allowing you to prioritise patient care.

Easy Procurement

We have established an easy purchasing process through the existing Te Whatu Ora contract. This simplifies the procurement of our service, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding process for hospitals.

Service Features

Catch up Quickly

Our service enables hospitals to double their weekly outcomes, delivering results up to 50% faster than their current plan. This accelerated catch-up allows hospitals to efficiently address the backlog of patients in need of dental care.

Tailored Approach

Our service is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your hospital. We understand that each hospital has unique needs so we work closely with you to ensure that our service aligns perfectly with your goals and processes.

Seamless Management

We take care of the coordination and management of a network of registered Dentists, Surgeons, Anaesthetists, Theatre Nurses, PACU Nurses, Recovery Nurses, and Sterilisation Technicians. Our team ensures that all aspects of the service, from scheduling to logistics, are handled effortlessly.

Specialised Expertise – Dentist or Maxillofacial Lead

Our professionals are highly skilled and experienced in delivering GA Dental procedures. They are already performing similar work, bringing their expertise to your hospital and providing exceptional care to patients.

Resource Flexibility

With a large pool of professionals, we can rotate and allocate resources based on your specific needs. This flexibility ensures that you have access to the right specialists when you need them.

Optimal Utilisation

We make the most of your existing resources, including theatres, equipment, and consumables during your off-peak times, typically weekends.

Effortless Reporting 

All results and patient data are logged directly into your existing systems, enabling instant, real-time reporting. This not only saves time but also ensures accurate and up-to-date records for efficient patient management.

Comprehensive Care

Our service caters to a wide range of patients, including general, pediatric, mental health, disabled, and low-income patients. We have the expertise and resources to address various dental needs, ranging from routine extractions and fillings to complex procedures such as root canals and maxillofacial surgeries.


Our GA Dental Service offers significant cost savings compared to other alternatives such as Ministry of Health (MoH) funding or outsourcing. By partnering with us, hospitals can benefit from a fraction of the usual costs associated with running their own programs or outsourcing to external providers.

Reliable and Low Risk

We understand the importance of reliability in healthcare delivery. With SEQURE Health, you can count on us to ensure full staffing and high-quality service delivery every time. Risks are constantly reviewed and managed to minimise any potential disruptions or complications.


We have the capability to clear between 84 to 3,528 patients per annum, allowing hospitals to tailor the service according to their specific needs.

For example, treating a minimum of 84 patients with simple wisdom teeth extractions per weekend using 2 theatres. We can sustain this level of service delivery for up to 42 weekends per annum, providing continuous care to patients.


Comparing the cost of a 50-minute SEQURE GA Dental procedure with your own (MoH funded – WIES), and Private – SEQURE GA Dental is a clear winner.

Not only lowest cost but also best value as the cost of running your own or outsourcing is high compared to in-sourcing as the administrative cost of preparing patient data, importing results, managing imported data gaps, compliancy and reporting is surprisingly high.

The hidden cost with outsourcing or running your own weekends and of not finding resources each and every weekend.

SEQURE In-sourcing is sustainable and reliable – SEQURE takes on responsibility to ensure full staffing, and high-quality delivery each and every time.

Want to come work for us?

We are always looking for:

  • General Surgeons
  • Anaesthetists
  • Nurses
    • Head / Circulating
    • Theatre
    • PACU
    • Recovery
  • Anaesthetic Technicians
  • Sterilisation Technicians
  • Health Care Assistants


When you work for SEQURE all staff gain the benefits of:

  • Genuine ability to earn extra income
  • Above average rates
  • Weekend work (no need to take annual leave)
  • Travel & Accommodation
  • Free Lunch

Contact us now for a copy of our SEQURE In-Sourcing Case Study or for more information about our GA Dental services. 


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