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Start reducing your hospital’s waiting lists.

Who uses medical insourcing?

Although medical insourcing is relatively new in New Zealand, several DHBs already use our service regularly or as needed.

We keep the names of DHBs we work with confidential, unless they choose to make their work with us public.

What medical specialties do you cover?

All of them. Whatever specialty your hospital needs, we’ll do our best to help. Here are some examples:

  • dermatology
  • ophthalmology
  • nursing
  • cardiology
  • radiology
  • gastroenterology
  • otolaryngology
  • radiography
  • orthopaedic surgery
  • gynaecology
  • psychiatry
  • general surgery.

We’re reducing our waiting lists by outsourcing to private hospitals. Why should we insource instead?

Insourcing gives your hospital, and the public, the best value for money. Instead of paying higher costs for a private facility to help with your lists, you’re using your own – already funded for – empty operation theatres.
It often means patients are treated faster and closer to home too.

How much does medical insourcing cost?

When you insource with SEQURE, our rate covers the cost of:

  • Remuneration, travel and accommodation for each team member
  • A cost for our time in finding the team you need.

Tell us what you need and let us know your budget. We’ll prepare an estimate so you can decide if insourcing with SEQURE is right for you.

How do you find the right people?

Our close relationship with Mercury Medical Recruitment means we have 25 years’ experience finding the right medical staff for public hospital insourcing in New Zealand.

We use our extensive list of contacts who want to take on extra work and we’re always hearing from new specialists who want to get involved.

We’re considering outsourcing a large, ongoing contract. Could this be insourced with SEQURE?

Many hospital contracts being outsourced to the private sector in New Zealand could be insourced instead. We are experienced with insourcing large, ongoing contracts.

Contact us and tell us about the work, and we can let you know if we can insource it.

Why do experienced specialists want to travel to work weekends and after hours?

Being part of a SEQURE team performing operations or holding clinics in other parts of the country offers a flexible working option. Reasons team members have told us they value the opportunity include:

  • helping patients and communities
  • a change of scenery
  • making new professional connections
  • as part of returning to work after a career break
  • as part of phased retirement
  • saving toward a financial goal.

I’d like to be part of a SEQURE travelling team. How do I express interest?

We’re always happy to hear from doctors, nurses and other medical specialists interested in taking on insourcing work with SEQURE.

Just fill in the form on our contact us page, and we’ll be in touch to find out more about you and the type of work you’re looking for.

As a hospital manager, will I be able to approve the team that will perform the operation?

In putting together your team, we thoroughly check the credentials of doctors, nurses and other medical specialists. We give you this information for your approval before anyone steps foot in your hospital.

How do you make sure the team you bring to my hospital is suitably qualified and experienced?

We thoroughly check the credentials of all doctors, nurses and other medical specialists before recommending them as part of your team. We have thorough systems to make sure we conform and hold up-to-date copies of each person’s identification, practising certificate (APC), Medical Protection membership (MPS), CV, references and police vetting.

How do I get started reducing my hospital’s waiting list?

Just fill in our contact form to ask for a call, or call us on (04) 494 6884.

How is what we do different from locum or from a simple recruitment agency placement?

This is not filling in temporary duties & absentee gaps. 

  • By providing services after hours and/or at weekends, we’re putting to use the DHBs’ empty, spare theatre or clinic spaces. This enables you to keep crucial procedures in-house without outsourcing them.
  • SEQURE can provide entire teams to clear your backlogs and meet Ministry of Health (MOH) targets.
  • Consultants are paid on a per procedure or per patient basis.
  • All Travel, Accommodation, Scheduling & Coordination are managed by us.

When you start using SEQURE, you’ll go from driving a single-decker bus to a double-decker. With the same energy and the same space, you’ll be able to take many more people on a journey to better health.

SEQURE means doing more with what you already have. Everyone benefits: your hospital, your patients and the experienced professionals from around New Zealand who’ll help you make the most of your facilities, after hours and on weekends.

Whether it’s just one route you need covered, or a complex network of health journeys, we can help.


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