Creating a stronger and faster path for New Zealand’s Health System Recovery


The biggest impact from COVID-19 may not be the virus

A major Auckland hospital with a substantial coronary care unit and usually has no capacity to take extra coronary care patients, is currently standing empty.

What has happened to these patients?

What could be the toll from this?

How will this hospital catch up and handle the influx when the COVID-19 Lockdown is over and recovery begins?

And what happens if there is a resurgence of COVID-19?


We have a once in life-time opportunity right now to make changes to our health system that will benefit New Zealanders for future generations. Now is the time to act as the window is open and when the recovery process begins, the opportunity for implementing radical change is lost. We can NOT do the same things we have done before the COVID-19 Lockdown and expect to have an even more efficient health system.

What about a resurgence of COVID-19?

A resurgence is a real danger and possibility as we come out of the governments Level 4 protocols. As we come out of Lockdown the management of the lower level restrictions and maintaining COVID-19 care are vital to preventing a resurgence.

Being able to maintain health services should a new outbreak occur will dramatically reduce the financial and health care impact on New Zealand.

Can we afford to have another Level 4 Lockdown? 

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We can help

SEQURE Health has Clinics, Surgical and Virtual solutions it can activate along with a growing database of Specialist Medical Professionals ready to support the possible demand that COVID-19 will have on the Health system. This is to support the measures that the NZ government has in place to slow and contain the exposure to the public and limit the stress on our health system through this the pandemic.

This means as measures are lifted and treatments begin solutions will be required to help the system cope with the sudden additional demand as we recover and after the pandemic has passed.


Stronger and more efficient

Recovery is all about rebuilding, ongoing improvement and strengthening just like what is prescribed to patients a range of experts and support teams are key. SEQURE Health / Mercury Medical Recruitment can more than double New Zealand’s current capacity while limiting the overall cost and giving you the flexibility of pausing if required.


More than Locums

Existing methods like Locum services are the go-to answer that have been used and can be used for recovery, while they increase capacity it is during standard operating hours. The increase comes at a cost on existing admin resources that are often already stretched, this overload is often not considered and effects the overall performance of the solution. Our solutions extend the operational capacity outside of standard operation hours and without the additional stress on existing resources.

Tried, Tested and Proven to work

SEQURE Health have the ability to handle small as well as large volumes of work without impacting a normal working week (we have helped clear over 3,200 Ophthalmology patients for a Dunedin Hospital, circa 1,000 Echocardiograms in the Auckland area and delivered thousands of Radiology reports virtually).

Our scope is vast and with the fast changes and shifts to virtual and remote working solutions upon us at this time, our experience and innovation in this space and the solutions we have already developed and activated will be of great value in our countries recovery and we are ready to help.

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