New Zealand’s only company that specialises with a proven track record in creating and delivering innovative clinics, surgical and virtual solutions for the NZ Public Health system. 

COVID-19 Recovery

New Zealand’s time to act is NOW!

To come out on top and be stronger and more efficient after the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown we have to re-think the way we operate and act fast. We cannot do the same thing we have done as we begin to go through our recovery and expect to be more efficient in the long run.

Virtual Medical Solutions

New Zealand has the opportunity now to use its Health recovery to become stronger and more efficient in delivering Medical Services.


New Zealand’s only company with a proven track record that is the bridge and helps close the gap as the NZ Public health system moves from standard 8am -5pm to 24/7 operation

We deliver specialised medical personnel resources, clinics, surgeries and more (insourcing) to increase capacity of quality public health services to patients.

One of the most valuable outcomes of the work we do is helping the public health system reduce and clear their growing waiting lists while they recruit and can not attract or do not have the resources to justify having or hiring Locums, part-time or full-time staff.

COVID-19 Recovery Opportunities

Start Now

New Zealand has a very unique opportunity right now to make changes to our health system that will benefit New Zealanders for future generations. Now is the time to act as the window is open and when the recovery process begins, the opportunity for implementing radical change is lost.

We cannot do the same things we have done before COVID-19 and expect to have an even more efficient health system.

SEQURE Health have already tested and implemented innovative changes with New Zealand DHBs over the last four years growing a proven track record in clinics, virtual, out-of-hours and bespoke medical services to New Zealand hospitals.


SEQURE came out of Mercury Medical Recruitment’s ongoing search for innovative ways to achieve greater efficiency in healthcare.

What they are saying

What patients, hospital managers and healthcare staff think of medical insourcing. 


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