Meet the incoming Dental Monitor Standards

View your X-Rays and CT Scans with Medical-Grade clarity monitors

As a dentist, you often make quick, critical decisions after taking and viewing patient X-Rays and CTs using inferior, uncalibrated monitors.

This is like Jimi Hendrix playing an out-of-tune guitar – he plays the notes but it just does sound quite right.

The same goes for the diagnosis of your patient X-Rays and CTs. You only need to miss something once to know how serious it could be in the long term.

Radiologists only use expensive, regularly calibrated, and certified monitors that ensure they don’t miss anything. Shouldn’t you?

With the recent advances in screen technology, our research, and software, you can now have the same Medical grade clarity at a fraction of the cost.  Using SEQUREs Medical Grade monitors and ViewIQ you be sure of seeing every root, lesion, and abscess before it becomes an issue.

Sure, the range of images seen by Radiologists is much broader than what Dentists will be seeing.  Justifying monitors used by Radiologists is difficult.

The requirement for all Dental Practices to use calibrated, certified monitors is coming, and we have a solution that provides you with cost-effective calibrated and certified dental imaging monitors and services that even Radiologists would be envious of without the outrageous cost.

We use leading brand monitors and transform them into Medical Standard Certified monitors.

If you would like to make sure your tools are up to standard or would like to find out more about our introductory deals on our monitors, and calibation & Certification Services then get in touch with us for a free consultation on how our dental imaging monitors and software can help you.

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