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The requirements for Health Services are growing all over the world.  Public Health providers are beginning to struggle to meet their contractual arrangements.

The future requirements for delivery of Health services are going to more than double.  The current health infrastructure will not have the capacity required nor the resources.  The growth is sporadic and requires additional resources when required.


SEQURE is an innovative new business for Public Health providers to increase their ability to deliver more within the same infrastructure.


This innovation has been developed through over 25 years’ experience of delivering Human Resources to the Public Health service, freeing up the Public Health staff while realising patient expectations.


We have developed a unique approach for Public Health providers to increase their output without major investment in infrastructure or resources.


We can help to SEQURE or guarantee a percentage of your deliverables so as to ease the pressure on your day to day clinical activities and acute work to meet your contractual obligations to the Ministry of Health.


SEQURE has access to wide range of Specialist Staff including:

  • Specialists (Doctors)
  • Nurses
  • Technicians
  • Support


Flexibility is the key.  One day to one year.



If public health providers are to meet future volumes without the cost of building new hospitals, SEQURE is a must.