Assessments (such as Radiology)

What we do

SEQURE’s services are targeted to rank & file surgeries, clinics and assessments.

We contract with you to deliver these surgeries, clinics and assessments for your patients beyond your hospital’s current capacity.

We do this by recruiting staff including Specialists, Anaesthetists, Technicians, Nurses and Support staff.


Your Facilities

We work with you to determine how we can utilise your facilities to deliver the services to your patients outside of core hours.

We work in collaboration with you to determine time frames, resources, and rosters in order to deliver the services.


Diversity & Support 

SEQURE’s service is uniquely tailored to your specific area of need – supplying the service to a variety of different Specialities and Subspecialties for clinics, Surgeries, and Assessment services.



We will work with you to establish the health services required, the quantity, and the timeframe to complete.

We can lock in a portion of your deliverables from day 1 without you having to worry about running out of time to deliver.

We will then work to arrange the human resources to deliver the consultations or procedures including experienced Consultants, Anaesthetists, Nurses, Technicians, and support staff as required.

Lower Cost per Patient

By using your facilities we can significantly reduce your cost per patient.

Our Cost Comparisons highlight how SEQURE with additional quantities compares to you trying to deliver the same increase yourself.


Governance & Quality

SEQURE works with you to ensure the best outcome for your hospital and patients by ensuring all SEQURE staff adhere to your protocols and procedures.

That the staff have the capability to deliver and practice at your prescribed level and quality.

Quality standards of care will be ongoing and safeguarded at all times.

Cost comparison

  • Normal Cost (additional Qty)
  • SEQURE Cost of Delivery (additional Qty)
  • Normal Cost of Delivery (existing Qty)