Double your Hospital's clinical capacity

SEQURE - delivering more clinical services at a lower cost when you need it

Keep clinical services at home

Reduce waiting lists

What we do

Enable you to secure more clinical output to supplement your current capacity.

Specialties Provided

SEQURE is available for: various Surgical specialties, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Diagnostic & interventional radiology, …

Quality & Risk

Ensure the service provided is fit for purpose, is consistent and achieves quality standards.

SEQURE – locking in your ability to deliver Health Services for today & tomorrow’s patients


Innovative delivery – diverse support

SEQURE aims to be the leading private provider of reliable Health Services to the Public Health Sector.

We deliver innovative solutions for flexible, quality Health Services to the Public Health Sector when you need it.

SEQURE offers options in most categories of medicine.


Deliver more – double your available time

Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you can’t get more time.  By using SEQURE you will be able to more than double your available time.

SEQURE hits your targets.  We will deliver quantities of consultations or procedures as required by you.


Supply the best people

No matter how much automation and technology help deliver services, it all comes down to humans delivering a service.  SEQURE delivers the people from all over NZ, Australia and the rest of the World to deliver the health services.


Quality and risk averse

Working in partnership with you, SEQURE will deliver services meeting your highest quality and risk aversion requirements utilising our quality management approach.


Eliminates long-term issues with patients

Cost of delay? The biggest cost is that other patient issues can surface.


Easy to Buy

  • Simple engagement.  Easy contracts.
  • Small or large scale or ongoing.
  • Set target of consultations or procedures.
  • Quick to implement.

Contact us now to enquire about how SEQURE can help you